Photographic Technique

Do you wish that your digital photos looked better? Are you dismayed by how many "bad" photographs you take? You don't have to be — there are web sites to help you. Whether you want to learn basic photographic skills, or more advanced approaches to nature and portrait photography, you will find something here to help you.

The Luminous Landscape »

The Luminous Landscape is a wonderful site for the landscape enthusiast. It features product reviews, tutorials and regular colums that will introduce you to landscape photography and inspire you to get out there and enjoy some natural scenery. »

There is a lot to learn at Take your time, and work your way through their articles one at a time. You will learn about light, composition and how lenses work. You can also read introductions to a variety of photographic styles: portraits, underwater, star trails, concerts, sports and many more. While much of the advice is not digital camera specific, it applies no matter what type of camera you use.

Photoxels Tutorials »

These photo tutorials will teach you just about everything there is to know about how to use your digital camera. They answer basic questions like "What is ISO?" and "What is Exposure Bracketing?" and they also offer more advanced techniques: how to read a histogram and how to add an artistic border to your photos.

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