Special Interest

These web sites are for photographers who like to take their cameras beyond the bounds of typical photography. From spectacular aerial views to fascinating underwater images, these web sites have it all.

Kite Aerial Photography »

This information web site from the University of California at Berkeley provides the history, tools and technique of kite photography. Bascially, you strap your camera to a kite, let it go, and use a remote control to take pictures from the air. This creates some unique photographic opportunities.

The World From an RC Airplane »

This project brings together a collection of photographs from around the world from people who like to strap their cameras to model airplanes. While this might seem a bit eccentric, you'll be amazed by some of the photographs that were captured.

Wetpixel »

This web site is awash with information about underwater digital photography. Some of its features include reviews of underwater housings, a photo of the week contest, and information about everything you ever wanted to know about taking your camera into the deep.

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