Photo Software

These programs will help you organize, classify and edit your digital photographs. Organizational programs are especially useful with digital cameras — taking photos is easy. Finding them again is the hard part.

Adobe Elements »

Adobe Elements does it all. It acts as an image browser so that you can preview all of your photos. It lets you create tags and albums to organize everything. It also includes a powerful editing tool that helps you fix every type of problem you can imagine: bad exposures, red eye, dust and scratches, poor color, etc. The only drawback? The program has a pretty steep learning curve. It's well worth it if you are willing to take the time to learn all of its features.
Available for Windows and Macintosh

Kodak EasyShare »

EasyShare is free software from Kodak that lets you see your digital photos. You can create multiple albums to organize photos and there are a limited number of editing tools that help you correct mistakes. It's simple to use, easy to learn, but does not have all of editing features professionals are looking for.
Available for Windows and Macintosh

Picasa »

Like EasyShare, Picasa is free software that organizes all of the digital images you have stored on your hard drive. You can organize all of your photos with labels and write captions for as many as you like. Picasa offers more editing features than EasyShare, with lighting and color effects in addition to the basics.
Windows only

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