Photo Sharing Services

Share and share alike. That might be the unofficial motto of web sites that help you share your digital photos with others. Many of these web sites use the concept of the traditional photo album to help you show off your photographs. Family and friends with Internet connections can now see photos from your last vacation, your child's birthday or any other event you choose to upload.

Flickr »

Flickr is a photo sharing service that has it all: albums, tags, rss feeds, easy navigation, photo groups, and more. While it's not as simple as some of the other services, it has every possible feature you could want. The only limitation is that Flickr is not paired with a print service so you have to use another web site to order prints.

HeyPix »

HeyPix offers a download tool with all the trimmings. Once you install their organization tool, you can preview your photos, crop and rotate and tag and organize them. When your photos are just the way you want them, you can upload albums to your HeyPix web site, and let others see slideshows of your digital photos.

Shutterbook »

Shutterbook is pretty simple, but has a magnificent slideshow option. If you really like sharing your photos in a slideshow format, then defnitely take a look at this service.

Smugmug »

Smugmug offers three different accounts depending upon what features you need: basic, power and pro. Pro accounts are for full-time photographers who want to sell their work, while the basic account will suit the needs of most. Smugmug is very easy to use and works equally well with Windows and Macintosh computers.

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