Photographic Inspiration

Do you feel like you've run out of good things to photograph? Don't worry. It happens even to professional photographers. One of the best ways to get inspired about taking photos again is to take a look at the work of others. With any luck, looking at some other photos will spark your own creativity and get you snapping the shutter again.

Andy Goldsworthy »

Nature makes up this artist's palette and the photography of his work is nothing short of astonishing.

John Bowerman's Oceans 8 »

Talk about a unique vision: John has been exploring the world's oceans in a sea kayak and taking pictures all the way. The photographs are an account of places many of us will never visit.

Lost America »

This entire site represents one passion, and a unique style of photography. Every photograph was taken in the middle of the night with colored flash. The subject material is abandoned cars and structures in the American west. It's a great place to spend a half hour or so getting the creative juices flowing. » is my favorite site to go to when I can't think of anything new to photograph. They have hundreds of participating photographers, many who produce awe-inspiring images. A quick browse through some of the galleries here will almost certainly help you think of new and creative ways to use your camera.

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